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Who Is Ken Johnson





Pastor Ken Johnson was born in Los Angeles California in 1960 but raised in the inner city Dallas, Texas by a single mom with 4 other siblings. Surrounded by gangs, drugs, alcohol, poverty, and hopelessness, Sports became his way out. Ken excelled in high school athletics participating in 3 sports track, basketball and football. Ken excelled in all three and became a Blue chip All America football player.
Ken received a football scholarship to the University of Tulsa in 1979. The first to in his family to go to college and graduate.

While at The University of Tulsa, he rededicated his life to Christ though ministry of the Fellowship of Christian FCA. After graduation and his dream of playing professional football was dashed by a knee injury.


His faith in God and connection with some amazing people helped him through this disappointment. Ken decided to serve in the military reserves and went on to join the Tulsa Police Department where he would spend the next 6 years working in the inner city neighborhoods of Tulsa. At the same time he became a licensed ordained minister, and the police officer known as (Preacher!)

Being constantly reminded of his past Ken wanting to be more proactive versus reactive. He felt the call to leave the police department in 1989 and move to Indianapolis where he went to work for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The same year he became the Chaplain for the Indianapolis Colts where served for 30 seasons, including 2006 when the Colts won the Super Bowl. 

Ken is now the founder and director of Emerging Eagles Inc. Author and recording Artist. Lead pastor at New Heights Church where he, is build a multicultural, multiethnic, multigenerational church in Indianapolis.

Ken has traveled the nation speaking and singing in thousands of locations.  His message of transformation has been shared with pastors, churches, businesses, youth groups, men’s groups of all kinds.

Anywhere people needing faith, hope, and love, Ken wants to help bring some to them. Ken has been married to his wife Della since 1983. Together, they have three adult children, Dominick, Kendall, Kristian and 5 grandchildren.  


Through a series of choices and opportunities, Ken resigned from his commission with the Tulsa police department and moved on to a position in Indianapolis with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Soon thereafter, he became the Protestant Chaplain to the Indianapolis Colts, a station he still holds today. He uses his platform as a springboard to reach out across America, effectively inspiring and empowering people of all ages and from all walks of life.

 Ken motto in life is; Fight To Finish Strong! Stay Hungry, Humble, & Hopeful. We are Better Together!


Sharing the Experience

For over 30 years, Ken has travelled the the nation speaking and singing in thousands of locations. His message of transformation has been shared with pastors, churches, businesses, youth groups, men’s groups of all kinds, and anywhere men and boys can be reached.


Ken’s sharing of his personal experiences and his transparent storytelling gains the trust and admiration of audiences everywhere. He tells how he became an “emerging eagle” by defeating the stereotypical label of a “poor little black boy from the ghetto” and instead, creating a life of honor and integrity. He lights the fires of willpower and motivation as he speaks out simple wisdoms and profound truths, proving through his experience that it is possible to break free of oppression and life’s circumstances to live a transformed life!