If we’re going to finish strong we have to fight to the finish.


Fight Poem

“The time has come once again

To show what we can do.

To work together as a team

Not just as one or two.

Together we can do it, if it’s our hearts desire.

To fight and kick, and try our best, even though we may get tired.

So let’s look to one another, for comfort and cheer.

Let’s lean on each other, and push past the fears.

Coming together with a common goal.

To finish the race and save our souls.

To be the best, that we can be.

Living by God’s power, victoriously.

So let’s stay in the game, the game of life.

Fight, for one another, and fight to be like Christ. ”

Chap Ken Johnson, 2016



Bill Polian: 10 things to win

1. Paul Brown- when you win say little. When you loss say less.

2. We Define ourselves. We say who we are.

3. Don Suller- Every time  you compete you most take something positive away.

4. Exspect adversity / Exspect to overcome it.

5. John Wooden- Play to our standard of excellence and winning will take care of itself.

6. Winning on the road is tuff, but you have to find away. Champ win on the road.

7. Falling to prepare is preparing to fall. You will play to the level of your prearation.

8. Take care of the little things and the Big things will take care of themselves.

9. Always go at it as if you may not have another chance. Now is the time.

10. Doing not talking. Actions speak louder than words.



Hard Work is always key.

It will help you finish strong.

Go for it all, Now, Now, Now!!!

Stay in the moment. Be Ready!! Be Ready!! Be Ready!!


Many people want to win the fight but Don’t want to get hit in the process! 


Matthew 15:28 Jesus said to her. Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.

(Great faith, is a product of Great fights! Great testimonies, are the outcome of Great tests! Great Triumphs, can only come out of Great trials. Praying we trust God. It all works to help us finish strong in Him.) ~ Chap Ken Johnson.

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