Ken Johnson thrives on connecting with students of all ages. Ranging in diversity from teens in a high school setting to a group of twenty-somethings in seminary school, Ken has a significant and inspirational word for some key groups such as middle school, high school, college and seminary-aged youth.

Each experience is focused on speaking directly to the heart and mind of the individual audience, concentrating on age, emotional maturity, and the challenges and expectations of each group. Speeches and materials presented are tailored to address specific areas of adversity faced by each group.

For middle school children the focal points of each speech would be the stresses of puberty, peer pressure, and relationships with parents. For high school youth they would address teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol use, team sports, putting school first, and entering adulthood.

Naturally, college aged audiences would have a more mature focus such as expectations following college, directing career paths and preparing for corporate America, and parenthood. Following a more spiritual path with Seminary students the assemblies would cover topics such as how to mentor and be a leader, and how to address issues and possible problems that pastors, mentors, and church leaders might face once they have accepted positions within a church.

The transforming benefits of having Ken come and share with your young people are many. Ken has experienced and survived a staggering amount of trials and adversities during his lifetime. He speaks to the youth on a personal level, being able to love and understand their position right where they are. Ken understands that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow and wants to equip them with the power to finish their formative years strong!

Ken’s Schools program embraces many targets:

Middle schools, high schools, colleges & universities, technical schools, seminary schools, etc. Efforts and content would focus on each level individually based on age group, emotional maturity, challenges and expectations, etc. of each audience. Speeches and materials are tailored to address specific areas faced by each age group. For example:


Middle school children – Puberty, peer pressure, relationship with parents


High school children – Teen pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, team sports, putting school first, entering adulthood, etc.


College students – Expectations following college, directing careers paths and preparing for the job world, parenthood, and other related topics.


Seminary students – Focus on how to mentor and lead, as well as how to address issues and possible problems that pastors, mentors, and church leaders will face once they’re in church.



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