Peyton Manning, The Squeaky Clean, King! Really!

Peyton Manning and Jamie Naughright Lawsuit

Who Called him King?

I’m praying for Peyton and Jamie Naughright and all involved in this latest sexual-harassment allegation. Lord, may truth rise to the top and justice be served.

I feel it is and has been a double standard on many things in life and the NFL when it comes to race and how it is reported by the media and the so-called gatekeepers. I have mixed emotions about this whole thing about Peyton. I was his chaplain for 14 seasons. Like with many players and coaches I’ve worked with and ministered to over my 25 years as team chaplain, I’ve seen first hand how some players have made some questionable choices in their relationships.  I’ve seen how the women they were involved with try to extort and blackmail money from them. I know we don’t ever want to think our daughters would ever do such a thing. But that’s a real reality and a double standard also.

All have sinned and fall short of His glory including myself. But, I can say with complete integrity that Peyton, along with many players and coaches, has done some amazing things to uplift and encourage all people…and the media never seems to be quick to report it.

It just appears that the media is more concerned about tearing down a man versus discovering the truth. If it bleeds it leads, and more gory, lead story. I guess misery loves company.

Everyone should be held to the same standards and code of conduct. With that said, if I had to be judged for some of the actions from when I was 19, I would be disqualified for the ministry I’m presently doing today. I had a baby out of wedlock at 20. I thank God for His grace and feel everyone who repents and turns away from sin deserves the same grace.

If my daughter went through what this young lady is reporting she went through, I would want justice for her. The key point for me is did the Manning’s and Tennessee try to cover it up?  If they did, they all need to pay for their sins and the truth should come out to prevent cultivating an environment of abuse. However, if this is just another case of extortion and blackmail for a payday, the people involved should be held accountable also.

Chap Ken J.


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