Men’s Ministry

Men in America face a different kind of adversity and struggle separate and apart from others, regardless of ethnicity, age, or social status. The everyday demands of life can weigh a man down and convince him he’s less than he truly is. Add to that extenuating circumstances and self-doubt, and a man can soon find himself sinking deep into suffocating despair.


Ken Johnson has risen above the demands and despair in his own journey to soar high in confidence and integrity. He is determined to take the hope he has discovered from his experiences and share it with men who are in need of the truth. It is Ken’s ultimate desire to pull men out of the deep places of despair and empower them to tap into the transforming power within themselves!


Ken has targeted two main areas of focus with regards to Men’s Ministry opportunities, those being our communities and our churches. He has created custom programs for both areas intended to inspire and motivate.


Within the community, Ken’s program Emerging Eagles can speak to a wide range of issues found in several settings, such as: jails and prisons; not-for-profit organizations; athletics groups; Police, Fire and Medical Associations; and Schools to name a few.


Within the church, Ken’s program Power To Finish Strong (P2FS) can speak to a wide range of issues found in many groups, such as: Bible Studies; pre and post marriage counseling; couples groups; youth groups and more.


Ken can tailor his meaningful programs to accommodate the needs of your church groups, not excluding those including women. He has a wealth of stories and anecdotes to set an audience at ease and draw them in, and his life experiences are applicable to both males and females alike. Because of this, he is a viable asset for couples groups and Sunday morning sermons just as much as men-specific groups.