Match Made In Heaven!


Pastor J. Pimp or Preacher?


The show starts May 19th. After the first season if I you didn’t really know me you wouldn’t know if I was a Pimp or a Preacher.
I know I gave the producers the word of God, lots of prayer and Godly wisdom and trusted them to show it. But in my opinion heaven got left out of the first season. I guess you can’t trust the world to tell a Godly story! I was hoping hope would prevail over hell. But I guess hell sells better than hope.


I didn’t and don’t have control over what was and is shown. And for that I have to own I trusted a worldly system to tell a Godly story! My Bad!! Live and learn.
The second season is set to air and I’m trusting again the some of the Jesus that’s in me that the people who know me see all the time will be shown in the show this time. If it’s called Match Made In Heaven! I’m praying they SHOW SOME HEAVEN!!!

Chap J.

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