Lessons I’ve learned from Tony Dungy


Tony Dungy Career highlights and awards


Career NFL statistics:

  • Win-loss record:  139-69
  • Winning %: 68.8%
  • Games:  208
  • Stats at NFL.com


Married to the same woman for over 27 years. No scandals and he believed that God gave him coaching as a platform to share Christ with the world. He is considered one of strongest Christian coaches ever coach the game. I can personally testify to this character and competency on and off the field.

To me Tony Dungy is a true winner. 

Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”


I really believe every man needs a coach. Think of anyone who has attained greatness. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, all considered great professionals. They will all tell they had coaches to help bring out their greatness.

Tony Dungy didn’t have rules but he had six strong suggestions that all players had to conform to. He didn’t believe in finning guys but teaching them to govern themselves with character and competency.

Tony Dungy’s 6 Suggestions:

1. Out after 1am may not be a good thing.

2. No DUI’s

3. No Guns

4. Don’t speed

5. One woman at a time.

6. Respect Police if stopped.


My life’s motto, I Got from Tony D.

The Ex-Factor

No Excuses.

No Explanations.

High Execution.

High Expectation.

Get Ur Done!!!!


What I use to remind myself to be a Champ not a Chump! 

Champ or Chump ** U ** Makes the difference.


  • Cry and Complain about Challenges
  • Horrified over Hard work in the mist of heart ship
  • Unwilling to cooperate
  • Miserable models of Mediocrity
  • Puffed up pretenders with no peace.



  • Courage and conviction in the mist of challenges
  • Hold on to hard work in the mist of heart ship
  • Attitude to take Action in the times of Adversity
  • Motivation to move past Mediocrity.
  • People of power that push past pain and problems.


What’s Men of Character and Competency? How are you doing, and who is helping to coach you up?

Remember it’s not in what you say but in what you do.

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