Emerging Eagles


About Emerging Eagles

Emerging Eagles is a not-for-profit program and is funded through the kind and generous donations of Ken’s supporters and those who want to help him bring messages of encouragement and empowerment to youth in all across America, reaching them where they live. The donations help Ken travel to speak to audiences in schools and organizations that might not otherwise be able to afford speakers.

The Emerging Eagles program is close to Ken’s heart. He feels compelled to share with others the things that motivated him into his own personal transformation. Ken’s goal is to give everyone a strong drive to create and execute their own transformation. His passion and purpose is to share God’s messages of love, hope and encouragement to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to hear it.


Eagles Soar

The Emerging Eagles program was conceived with one mission: to help others overcome adversity by providing useful information and practical tools, reinforced with the everlasting hope of Jesus Christ. Ken has relevant and meaningful messages empower and equip people to transform themselves, and then lead others to finish strong. He works to bring a mission of hope to the next generation of young people that can be shared and spread across the world, creating a movement to help all who listen soar toward their God-given excellence.

Ken is determined to take the hope he has discovered from his own experiences and share it with those who are in need of their own truth. Whether he’s speaking to children, young adults, women or men, Ken’s genuine desire to help pull others out of the deep places of despair and empower them to tap into the transforming power within themselves is powerful and effective.


Emerging Eagles exists to help others soar toward their God-given excellence by using messages from God to bring hope to people and help make the world a better place.