Corporate Training

Healthy relationships in all areas of life are vital, to say the least. It’s important that we stay balanced and maintain a level of integrity whether at home, school, or in the office. What we believe about ourselves impacts directly how we relate and react to those people we are in close contact with on a daily basis.


Ken Johnson offers an in-your-face motivational program designed to grab the attention from the first moment with high energy original humor and industry specific content. He will challenge your group with relevant anecdotes and impactful wisdom, ultimately bringing out the desire in them to create a healthy and positive environment in the office. The truths they will encounter in Ken’s seminars will encourage and educate them to be a team player, working together for the greater good of the company and instilling in them a sense of pride for their performance and contributions.


The greater benefit of having Ken motivate your team is that any steps learned to improve relationships in the workplace can and will transform the relationships in the lives of your staff outside of the office as well. Providing your team with an opportunity to rise up and be leaders in the office will bring about meaningful transforming changes across the board in them as individuals. Not only will your company prosper from this event, but the families of your employees will reap the benefits of what Ken has to offer as well.


If you’re looking to bring an empowered breath of life into your office book Ken Johnson today! What better time than now to debunk that old adage and stereotype of the office being a dreaded place to be. Ken will inspire your team and improve the way your business operates with one power-packed session!