“Ken Johnson has made a significant impact on my life personally and on our church corporately. He’s a man of the Word and a man of his word! I highly recommend his ministry.”

Ron Bontrager, Lead Pastor Lakeview Church








The gospel of Jesus Christ has truly transformed Ken Johnson.  What was once an insecure young boy caged by hopelessness is now a confident man who soars high above worldly circumstances.  He is a brilliant example o f  how God’s love can take a kid destined to repeat the stereotypical cycle of his surroundings and teach him how to deal hope to those around him.


Ken sees no boundaries or differences in his brothers and sisters in Christ.  All people, regardless of color or gender or any other category, is to Ken another opportunity to share his message of hope.  Utilizing God’s word, his giftedness in singing, and his charismatic personality Ken speaks to churches all across the nation to challenge and equip congregations to live a God-centered life.


Partnering with your church, Ken will set the stage for genuine transformation and growth to take place.  He will teach about the importance of covenant relationships amongst members of the church.  He will encourage your church to let truth and integrity reign supreme in their personal and public lives, and to come together as a family to finish strong in the life God has set before them.


A church set free from oppression and lifted up by the power of God’s love can accomplish great things!  It will be a solid and strong foundation from which families, communities, and eventually the world can one day be taught to stand firm in their true identity.  It is Ken’s desire to set fire to the hearts and minds of America, ushering in the transformed life in abundance!